It’s no secret that sound can play an important role in the decision making process when buying a motorbike, and for many it is as important as other factors such as the appearance, comfort, and reviews for the bike. At ThatBikeSound.com we have created a platform which not only provides a trusted resource when comparing across different bikes & aftermarket exhaust options, but celebrates the wonderful variety of bike sounds across all makes, models and year of motorbike! This has been achieved by utilising the same professional broadcast-quality sound recording and video equipment, with a fixed microphone and camera placement across all of our videos. When listening from the comfort of your own home through the same set of speakers or headphones you have a truly accurate and reliable sound for enjoyment or comparison.

With our incredible sound catalogue growing more each day - from Ped’s to Panigale’s you can listen to it all at ThatBikeSound.com