Our Drive

A True Passion and Enthusiasm - Because We Love Bikes

Built by bike enthusiasts, for bike enthusiasts. ThatBikeSound.com was born out of a lifelong passion and enthusiasm for anything with wheels and an engine.

Growing up with motorsport, the sound of engines firing up and the roaring exhaust notes produced by both two and four wheeled machines formed a lasting memory and has been an important part of life ever since.

Outlon Park 1993

Outlon Park 1993

It’s no secret that sound can play an important role in the decision making process when buying a motorbike. At ThatBikeSound.com we have created a platform which not only provides a trusted resource when comparing across different bikes & aftermarket exhaust options, but celebrates the wonderful variety of bike sounds across all makes, models and year of motorbike.

Beyond the convenience and practicality of this resource, there is another driving factor behind our efforts. The combustion engine faces ever greater pressure to change and adapt to modern living and we worry for its long term future.

ThatBikeSound.com forms part of a desire to accurately capture an important element of the amazing machines we have experienced and enjoyed in our lifetimes, as memory for our children, and for their children.

Driven By Detail - A Commitment To That Bike Sound

ThatBikeSound.com utilises the same professional broadcast-quality sound recording and video equipment, with a fixed microphone and camera placement across all videos.

When listening from the comfort of your own home through the same set of speakers or headphones you have a truly accurate and reliable sound comparison.

We offer a practical and convenient resource to better inform buyers and enthusiasts from around the world when making purchasing decisions for their next motorbike or aftermarket exhaust system - removing the guesswork from this important decision making process.

Donington Park 2014

Donington Park 2014

ThatBikeSound.com is completely committed to providing the highest quality, most accurate and reliable motorbike sounds and exhaust comparisons.

This has been achieved by fixing the variables and removing the inaccuracies that previously existed, we are 100% independent and our sound is never altered in any way.

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